Micro Processor Micro Balancer NB306

Micro Balancers


We offer Micro Balancers for DC Cooling fan to test the balance.
If you are searching for Micro Balancers and Static Balancer, please feel free to contact us.

Driving method:Driving by DC voltage.
Special Features:
  1. Single chip CPU microcomputer helps the operator to control the Micro Balancers and thus to achieve the great function of easy operation, accuracy and stability.
  2. Micro Balancers are built wtith noise proof system. There is circuit in Micro Balancer which can block any noise disturbance.
  3. Adopting flashing light type for easy idenfication of the unbalance angle.
  4. Parameters set and filter frequency adjustment are performed by microprocessor automatically. Thus improving work efficiency and its correctness.
  5. Digital meter indicating unbalance amount for the workpiece and the balancing speed. After testing all values are locked up by the micro processor automatically.
  6. All set values are kept when power is cut off.
  7. Temperature compensation and circuit adjustment are performed by the croprocessor automatically.
Your Inquiry Joined with The Following Information Is Appreciated:
  1. Describe the main size and specification or draft.
  2. Weight,Constant RPM, Name of workpiece.
  3. When correct the unbalance, where is the unbalance weight removing position, or the allowable position for adding a weight.
  4. Where is the bearing position in final assembly. Unbalance tolerence, Power voltage.