Micro Processor Micro Balancer NB-307
Micro Balancer

Micro Balancers


Micro Balancers are made for small motor use.

Standard Specifications
Spec\Model NB-307A-01 NB-307A-02 NB-307A-03 NB-307A-04 NB-307A-05 NB-307A-06 NB-307A-07
Weight range
of workpiece
0.1~3kg 0.01~0.5kg 2~6kg
600~3000 1200~7000 2700~14000 600~3000 1200~7000 2700~14000 600~3000
Workpiece dia. 100mm(MAX)
Journal dia. 20mm(MAX)
40~450mmIf the distance between bearings is less than 40mm, please advice us in advance.
Drive motor 100w

Special Features:
  1. The single chip CPU microcomputer helps the operator to control the machine and thus to achieve the reat function of easy operation, accuracy and stability.
  2. Digital meter indicating unbalance amount for both sides of the workpiece and the balancing speed. fter testing all values are locked up by the microprocessor automatically.
  3. With super noise-prevention, the auto reset circuit can resist any noise disturbance in the factory.
  4. The left-and-right switch is to use the touching type switch, with a long service life.
  5. All set values are kept when power is cut off.
  6. Temperature compensation and circuit adjustment are performed by the microprocessor automatically.
  7. Adopting flashing light type for easy idenfication of the unbalance angle.
  8. Optionally, the unbalance amount can be displayed by balance value, and the filter frequency can be ocked up, with excellent effect of checking.
For performing balance test and correction for small motor rotors like fan, phonograph, recorder, fruit juicer, hairdryer, small motor, textile machine, windshield wiper motor, automotive rotary parts, etc.