Vector Scope Type Micro Balancers NA

Micro Balancing Machines


Standard Specifications
Weight of Workpiece 0.1 ~ 3 kg
Workpiece dia 100 mm (Max)
Length of Workpiece 450 mm (Max)
Measuring Range 200 ~ 20000 RPM
Sensitivity ISO G0.4
Special Features:
  1. Cathode-ray tube (CRT) is used in it that the unbalance vector will be clearly indicated at the fluorescent screen.
  2. IC memory device will indicate the unbalance when the workpiece rotation stops.
  3. Broad balancing speeds, 200 ~ 20000 RPM.
  4. The tachometer also will indicate the balancing speed at the same time.
  5. Sensitivity automatic filter homing will not be affected a little by the speed changing.
  6. Ultra precision. The vibration displacement can reach below ISO G0.4
  7. In accordance with the workpieces, select the proper driving method, belt driving, joint driving, or self-driving.
  8. When you use the calculating circuit, the compensation circuit will offset the workpiece unbalance. Standard workpiece is not required.
  9. On site balancing do not need calculating.
  10. Micro Balancing Machines are equipped with highly sensitive integrated circuit. Long life and reliability is guaranteed.
Micro Balancing Machines are designed to test small rotor, like windshield wiper motor, hair dryer and automotive rotary parts.