Profile of the company

Nan Jung Electric Co., Ltd. is located at An Ping Industrial District of Tainan City, Taiwan. It takes 2800m2 of the land area with 30 employees. There are offices being set up at Taipei, Taichung (Taiwan), Shenzhen of Quangdong and Kunshan of Jiangsu (Mainland China). The sales amount has been more than 50 million NT dollars up to now. It is our pleasure to pass the first CNLA (Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation) Certificate of the balancing machine here in Taiwan in 2002.
In 2007 we completed conversion to TAF certification, to become the only TAF Balancing Machine Testing Laboratory in Taiwan.

Major products

Nan Jung Electric Co., Ltd. is the biggest designer and manufacturer of balancing machine in Taiwan. There are all kinds of balancing machines, which including horizontal, vertical, soft type, and hard type, or dynamic balancing machine, static balancing machine that are all developed, designed and manufactured on our own that have taken more than 60% of the market share in Taiwan. In addition to standard series models, we also accept special function models custom-made for customers.

Introduction to the development of the company

Mr. Liang Kun-Yi is the founder of Nan Jung Company who first established Nan Jung Electric Appliance Co. in 1949, to manufacture radio equipment and stereo supplies. During the researching for stereo equipment, he realized the vibration problem has certain impact on the product quality. Therefore he started the research of the balancing machine. Due to the quality and price of the balancing machine made at early stage were widely accepted, Nan Jung Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 for mass production of the balancing machine.
1965 We put out the indicating balancing machine that was the first balancing machine developed in Taiwan, which applied flashlight to indicate the unbalanced angle.
1970 We put out the first phase electric meter indicating balancing machine developed on our own.
1976 We put out the first CRT vector indicating balancing machine developed on our own.
1978 We put out the first vertical balancing machine developed on our own with supplemental angle searching for vector function.
1984 We put out the first microcomputer balancing machine developed on our own.
1993 We put out the first PC base computer type balancing machine developed on our own.
2002 We passed the first CNLA certificate of balancing machine here in Taiwan. The approval number is 0887.
2004 The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection combined with the CNLA and CNAB (Chinese National Accreditation Board) to establish the TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation). Our balancing machine testing laboratory received TAF accreditation.
2006 We researched and developed testing machines for radiator cooling fan systems, and this passed the accreditation of the Small Business Innovation Research.
2007 Our balancing machine laboratory completed transition to TAF accreditation.
2008 We established the Kun Shan Office to be in charge of business operations in Mid China and North China.

Performance of the product sales

The balancing machines manufactured by our company on the past years have been widely applied on all different fields. We are capable of exporting to countries all over the world among the keen competition from other world famous brands. Hereunder we list the applied fields and major customers of the balancing machines manufactured by our company:

1. Automobile and motorcycle industries: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, … etc.
2. National defense industries: Chung Shan Scientific Research Institute, Combined Service Force Arsenal, etc.
3. Electric engineering and appliance industries: Fuji Motor, TECO, Tatung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sampo of Taiwan etc.
4. Plastics, chemical and textile industries: Nanya, Far East Textile, Ton Yun Textile, Dupont, etc.
5. Academic research institutes: Machinery department of ITRI, PMC, National Cheng Kung University, Taipei Technology Institute, Ta Yeh University, etc.
6. National industries: Tai Power 3rd Nuclear Power Plant.
7. Electronics industries: Chung Teh Semiconductor, Chien Jun Electric Engineering, etc.
8. Photoelectric industries: Chung Chiang photoelectric, Yusan photoelectric communication, etc.
9. Precision machinery industries: Taichung Precision Machinery, Taiwan Liwei, Yochia Industries, etc.

Future prospect

Facing the constant quality demand from the customers and the keen competition from other countries, our products will move toward automatic, diversification and specialization, etc., direction.
On the aspect of automatic, we will continually develop all kinds of auto positioning and auto correction balancing machines that will save more manpower, and will have higher efficiency
On the aspect of diversification, we will manufacture more models that are convenient for operation on our standard model along with the increasing demand of the customers.
On the aspect of specialization, we will continually develop all kinds of special balancing machines of super mini type, super large type, super high-speed type, and super low speed type.

Balancing Machines Manufacturer

Nan Jung Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional Balancing Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Micro Balancer, Vertical Balancing Machine and Computer Balancing Machine with durable quality and reasonable price. We also supply Digital Balancing Machine and Dynamic Balancing Machine with superior quality. If you are looking for reliable Static Balancing Machine, Vertical Balancer and Dynamic Balancer Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Products:
‧ Micro Balancer
‧ Computer Vertical Balancing Machine
‧ Dynamic Balancing Machine