Computer Vertical Balancing Machines NCL

Computer Vertical Balancing Machine


Standard Specifications
Spec. \ Model NCL-10 NCL-30 NCL-50 NCL-100
Weight Range Of Workpiece 0.5-10kg 1-30kg 2-50kg 10-100kg
Workpiece Dia.(Max) 500mm 500mm 700mm 800mm
Balancing Speed RPM 900/1500 900/1500 750/1000 750/1000
Drive motor
1.5kw 1.5kw 3.75kw 3.75kw

※ Computer Vertical Balancing Machine can be made in standard specifications above. If you need Computer
Vertical Balancing Machine in other different specifications and size, please feel free to contact us. OEM service
is available for Computer Vertical Balancing Machine.
Special Features:
  1. Digital indication of unbalanced amount and angel.
  2. The unbalanced unit ang g-mm are indicated at the sametime.
  3. Computer Vertical Balancing Machine is available for user to set the measuring time by themselves. After finish measuring, it shall be located automatically.(optional)
  4. With 200-set memory files and cross reference for easy managing the setting files of various workpieces.
  5. Automatic split function.When the correction points are not continually spread,the unbalanced amount should be automatically distributed to each correction point.
  6. Record function. This function will indicate total last 5 pieces unbalance and the workpiece doing now.(When start the Split Function,it shall indicate the current piece and last piece unbalance and split.)
  7. Jig shaft compensating function.This function may reduce the unbalance from jig shaft eccentricity or jig shaft itself.
  8. The measuring result is that the GO/NG/OVER shall be respectively indicated by a green,yellow or red lamp.Easy understanding.
  9. The measuring result can be inputted into the automatic correction facilities (option) with the binary code.
  10. This unit can be connedted to a printer for printing out the measuring result.
  11. Computer Vertical Balancing Machine is able to designate a serial number to each workpiece for being printed out with a printer. This will help the quality analysis works.
  12. The compensating circuit shall help the jig to perform the correction work quickly.
  13. Computer Vertical Balancing Machine with automatic zeroing adjustment.
  14. Digital indication for measuring fotation speed.
  15. Automatic failure monitor and indication.
  16. Automatic switching the measuring scope according to the unbalancing rate.
Specially designed for the static balance detection and correction of rotating wheels, fly wheels, gears, emery wheels, ceiling fan and clutch, etc. the rotating round disk type workpiece.