NH Type Vector Scope Type Dynamic Balancing Machines
NH-30,NH-100,NH-300,NH-1T,NH-3T(Hard Bearing)

Dynamic Balancing Machine

NH-30,NH-100,NH-300,NH-1T,NH-3T(Hard Bearing)

Dynamic Balancing Machine is available for OEM service.
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Standard Specifications
Spec. \ Model NH-30 NH-100 NH-300 NH-1T NH-3T
Weight of Workpiece
( ) Max. weight when same
weight on each support
2 ~ 30 kg
5 ~ 100 kg
20 ~ 300 kg
50 ~ 1000kg
100 ~ 3000kg
Workpiece Length (max) 700 mm 1000 mm 2200 mm 2200 mm 2200 mm
Workpiece dia
Belt drive
Joint drive
400 mm
600 mm
600 mm
900 mm
1000 mm
1300 mm
1300 mm
1600 mm
Balancing Speed Invert Control
Measuring Range 200 – 4000 RPM
Drive motor
0.75kw 1.5kw 3.5kw 7.5kw 15kw
Special Features:
  1. With Cathode-ray tub (CRT) in Dynamic Balancing Machine, the unbalance vector will be clearly indicated at the screen.
  2. The IC memory device in Dynamic Balancing Machine will indicate the unbalance vector when the workpiece rotation stops.
  3. Ultra precision. The balancing grade can reach below ISO G0.4.
  4. In accordance with the workpieces, select the proper driving method, belt driving, joint driving or self-driving.
  5. When you use the calculating circuit, the compensation circuit will offset the workpiece unbalance. Master rotor is not required.
For the balance and correction of the rotating part of motors, generators, ventilators, blowers, engines, pumps, work machines, farming machines, paper machines, textile machines, construction machines, food machines, motorcycles, automobiles, steaming ships, airplanes, etc. before and after the assembling.